Sustainable honey made in Shropshire and North Wales from Hedgerow Honey.

"We aim to make our business as ethical and sustainable as possible to ensure the future of the bees and our planet. From those small changes that make a big difference to the larger aspects of our business, the welfare of the environment and the bees is at the heart of what we do. We work in partnership with the environment and local landowners and in the areas of Shropshire and Wales we work to protect the environment for generations to come."

"All of our beehives are local to us in North Shropshire and North Wales and our customers, so all of our products have low food miles, reducing our carbon footprint."

"We try our absolute best to help protect the environment. With our bees and in our method of honey production we use paper instead of plastic in our labels and packaging, and glass jars which can be recycled to increase sustainability."

You can shop Hedgerow Honey online, or visit their website to find your nearest stockist.

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