We work to promote the greater enjoyment of food through a better understanding of its taste, quality and production.

We are a volunteer run ‘not-for-profit’ group whose aims are shared with thousands of like minded people all around the world through the international Slow Food movement (founded in Italy in 1989). We all work locally to bring the principles of Slow Food to our own community.

The Slow Food Ludlow Marches group comes under the umbrella of Slow Food UK and works with local food and drink producers and chefs to deliver an annual calendar of events which aim to reconnect people with the production and origin of their food and consider how our everyday choices affect the environment around us, its biodiversity and our very own health.

Slow Food envisions a world in which all people can access and enjoy food that is good for them, good for those who grow it and good for the planet.

Slow Food Ludlow Marches actively supports several of the national Slow Food programmes:

  • It supports and encourages chefs who are part of the Chef Alliance and are committed to Slow Food philosophies and proactively realise them in their own restaurants and businesses.
  • It proposes and promotes local food varieties for the Ark of Taste, which would otherwise be lost to our culinary repertoire, such as unusual varieties of fruits, vegetables, rare animal breeds, artisan cheeses and traditional recipes.

The Slow Food Organisation

You can learn more about the Slow Food Movement here:

Slow Food UK
Slow Food International