Hammonds of Shropshire - sustainable Shropshire Muesli. 

Based in Shropshire, Hammonds Foods was born out of a desire to provide high quality muesli that is not only healthy but tastes great! They use as many locally sourced ingredients as possible and then mix them together in their own kitchen in Shropshire. If you are looking for great tasting muesli, packed with nutritious ingredients, then look no further than their delicious range.

Hammonds know the important role that nature plays in providing the nutritious ingredients that keep us healthy. Bees are vital for a healthy environment and our food supply, pollinating many of the plants that provide our food as well as producing honey. Yet they are suffering a concerning decline in numbers and need our support.

Hammonds customers can help by sowing the packet of wildflower seeds that comes free with each 650g box of Hammonds muesli. These can be sewn in gardens or shared with friends, neighbours or local schools to encourage everyone to support our bees and other pollinators such as butterflies and hover-flies.