Appleby's Dairy

It’s all about the heritage, provenance and legacy for Paul and Sarah Appleby and the milk and cheeses they produce.

The farm has undergone a conversion towards a more regenerative and sustainable way of farming. Each cloth bound Cheshire encapsulates a moment in time – the soil, the traditional grass pastures, the gentle cows, the weather, the season. The fresh, raw milk is the master ingredient, to which are added traditional cultures, rennet, salt from the Cheshire Plains and the extract of the annatto seed, which gives the coloured Cheshire it’s warm sunrise colour. These time capsules are matured in old barns with napoleonic timbers. The provenance and flora of the natural surroundings give  Appleby’s cheeses a flavour that is totally unique.

Appleby's Dairy is a SALSA accredited member of the Specialist Cheesemakers Society.