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4.00 p.m. Quicke Slow Cheese

Using traditional recipes, time-honoured techniques and heritage starters passed down through the generations, Quicke's Devon cheesemakers create outstanding clothbound cheddar. Made by hand in the old-fashioned way, slowly matured for a deeply satisfying flavour, their cheese celebrates the deep connection that has grown between the Quicke family and the land they have nurtured for almost 500 years. Mary Quicke will lead you through a tasting of a selection of Quicke's cheeses, in association with Heritage Cheese. You will also try their whey butter, an Ark product. Martin Harris of Butford Organics will present his cider and perry to accompany.

includes-Extra Mature Clothbound Cheddar, Oak Smoked Clothbound Cheddar,  Elderflower Clothbound Cheese, Double Devon Clothbound Cheese, Goat’s Milk Clothbound Cheese, Quicke’s Whey Butter